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Welcome to Outdoor Adventures Hunting & Guide Service, where we provide the ultimate hunting experience. Located on 3,200 acres, both fenced & open, you will find an abundance of hunting opportunities. We offer both semi-guided and fully guided hunts for every style of hunter. Whether you prefer to use rifles or bows we can accommodate your request. Please pick your weapon of choice based upon your skill level with that weapon. All hunting parties are responsible for any wounded pig, dead or alive.

Owner and guide, David Griner, has been hunting & guiding for over 25 years. He is experienced at hunting all types of animals in many different terrains all over the United States. From hogs to raccoons, if it's hunting you enjoy, Outdoor Adventures is the place to be! 

David with 13 pt, and son, Preston with 9 pt killed 2005

Here is a partial listing of the animals that are offered. There are many others that can be provided if requested.

Wild Hogs




Whitetail Deer












Welcome to Outdoor Adventures!

Most any type of weapon may be used including, but not limited to, bows, rifles, muzzle loaders, even knives. It is completely the hunters choice with the exception of a handgun. We DO NOT allow any pistols/handguns or assault weapons what so ever. There is now a Captive Feral Swine Hunting license required by the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture. It is a nominal fee, and must be purchased directly from their website. Please bring a copy of this license with you the day of your hunt.

Hunters are encouraged to bring snacks & refreshments and make a day of it! A rock pit is available for a campfire. Many hunters also like to bring video equipment so the day can be captured on film to share with others later.

Remember, this is your hunt, and we want you to enjoy it to the fullest!

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