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Rams come in a wide variety of breeds and sizes.  Most of what we shoot are Corsicans & Texas Dahls.  However, we also shoot Black Hawaiians,  Painted Deserts, and Mouflans.  We only offer trophy rams measuring 29" or more. Prices start at $1000 depending on the size and breed of the ram.

No matter how big or small the hunter or the kill, we like to make sure that everyone has a hunt to remember.


Congratulations to John Dallas Jameson, age 6, on his very first kill!!

The ram hunts are offered in the same fenced area where we hog hunt, and are normally a fully guided hunt.  All are booked based on availability and require a deposit upfront.  The amount of the deposit will depend on the cost of the hunt.

Grand Slam taken at Outdoor Adventures by Tim Stites